Nature has a power: that of producing active substances of unique power. Vitaliane has a know-how: to select them, to control their effects and to combine them for your health and your well-being ... Our mission: to draw from nature what it has best to make it accessible to all in its most suitable form. pure and essential, and this in the most eco-responsible and eco-solidarity way possible.

Our goal is to offer you products based on 100% organic, 100% pure and natural essential oils. We are constantly testing their efficacy and harmlessness… These are products that we ourselves use with pleasure and pride. Vitaliane products are made for every day, for the whole family, because we know that today, if our lifestyles are evolving, our methods of care are also evolving.

In true Ali Baba's cave of natural beauty and well-being, we offer a varied and eclectic range of products.


To allow you to buy in all conscience, according to your values and your ethics, we provide you with all the information about our products in complete transparency.


To meet your expectations and your requirements, we listen to you, we question you and then we find solutions to make your wishes come true.


To offer you effective and innovative products, our scientific Research & Development teams create, formulate and test new product ideas and recipes.


Sharpened by years of experience, our quality requirement is reaffirmed every day by the way we choose new references. Each new product must meet our requirements for quality, efficiency and traceability.


Since we believe that well-being should be within everyone's reach, we always seek to offer you the fairest price possible. At Vitaliane , the well-being / price ratio of a product must always satisfy the consumer.

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