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Each blend is carefully crafted from essential oils selected for their medicinal properties and their olfactory quality.


100% naturel
Huile essentielle de menthe poivrée

Aromatherapy to improve your daily life

Peppermint, true lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus, tea tree, ylang ylang, lavandin, niaouli, lemon thyme, rosemary, Almond, Jojoba, geranium, sweet almond .. These vegetable or essential oils are very effective. Sometimes all it takes is a bottle or even a drop of oil and massage to soothe, promote digestion, fight against muscle fatigue or itching, calm you down or relieve the respiratory tract.

Huile essentielle bio

Aromatic plants, the best of nature

Why choose Vitaliane roll on?

Vitaliane prepares her recipes for you. This means that the roll on is ready for use. The essential oils that compose it are rigorously selected. They are 100% pure and natural. The associated vegetable oils are organic, extracted by cold pressing and then diluted, for more efficiency in contact with the skin.

The "roll on" are created by Vitaliane technicians who rely on EH dosages previously set by aromatherapy specialists. These very old recipes have proven their worth around the world and since the dawn of time.

Some "roll on" combine 2 or even 3 ET. The association of several plant essences with similar properties creates a very powerful synergy. When we inhale Vitaliane's roll on, we solicit olfactory neurons by electrical stimuli. EOs act and thus help us to conquer our emotions and regain self-confidence.

Huile essentielle de lavande - Plante médicinale

The medicinal plant, a natural and effective remedy to help you heal the soul

In Vitaliane roll on, 2 or 3 100% natural HE are diluted with argan oil, organic jojoba or sweet almond oil first cold pressing. The synergy of essential oils chosen by Vitaliane constitutes a precious and effective preparation which will boost their effectiveness.

Huile essentielle de menthe très efficace

Essential oils cross the skin layers: How to use the roll on?

In cosmetics, very diluted essential oils will have a local action while for use in aromatherapy, they may have a local and / or systemic, more general action.

Essential oils easily pass through the different skin layers, enter our body before reaching the bloodstream and then the diseased organ if this is the case.

Apply the roll on to the skin, inside the wrists, at the temples and sides of the neck. A few drops of essential oil are enough. Rub wrists together, and breathe in the scent of essential oils deeply whenever you feel the need. It will relieve you and help treat stress and anxiety, but also anxiety or insomnia depending on the "roll on" chosen.

EO does not replace the help of a health professional but can give you the necessary impetus to make changes and regain well-being, calm and serenity.

Essential oils are not recommended for children and pregnant women.

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